Fellowship in ECMO (for Specialists) - 2019 Batch

One year fellowship in ECMO for ICU specialists (Nurses, Perfusionists, Intensivists)

₹ 50000 inclusive of tax

Course description

FELLOWSHIP IN ECMO SPECIALIST (For Nurses, Perfusionists, Intensivists)

The basic care giver of ECMO maintenance rests with the Nurses and Perfusionists and ICU Staff. The right size and type of cannula, ECMO flows, temperature regulation and maintenance of fluids, blood, heparin and inotrope infusion is the bane of the Perfusionists. The ICU staff is in a unique position to successfully maintain and run the ECMO, guide the ICU nurse, use the long term oxygenator and centrifugal pump judiciously and with deftness run both the adult and paediatric ECLS programme with great precaution and success.

To take ECMO to greater heights in India, THE SIMULATION SOCIETY along with the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY OF CARDIOVASCULAR ULTRASOUND has introduced a special, first of its kind ONLINE FELLOWSHIP in ECMO technology with experts in the field, teaching and training those interested delegates with workshops on simulators/panel discussion/ lectures/ pro-con debates and assessment with certification.


1. Introduction to ECMO – Types, indications, contraindications, components and circuit
2. Initiation and management of ECMO:
  1. Pre-Initiation preparation – team preparation, relative’s preparation and patient preparation
  2. Initiation of VV-ECMO - Electronic simulation to show the effect on hemodynamics and sats.
  3. Initiation of VA-ECMO - Electronic simulation to show the effect on hemodynamics and saturation
  4. Monitoring and Investigational planning post initiation
  5. Management for VA/VV ECMO
3. Scenarios in ECMO simulation:
  1. Routine ECMO circuit management
  2. Emergencies in ECMO care
  3. Pump and Oxygenator failure on ECMO
  4. Tube rupture on ECMO – What to do
  5. Patient management on VV and VA ECMO
4. Monitoring on ECMO with simulation scenarios
5. External compression, circuit air entrapment and resuscitation and oxygen supply failure on ECMO while on ECMO concept E-CPR.
6. ECMO Cannulas and components, circuitry and troubleshooting on ECMO, complications like recirculation, hypoxia and venous insufficiency on ECMO.
7. Drug delivery, Drug adsorption, intravenous fluids, management of circuit on ECMO
8. ECMO and Sepsis
9. Ventilation on ECMO: Patient management, monitoring and ventilation
10. VA ECMO: Unloading of the left ventricle
11. Weaning, trial off & de-cannulation
  • Blood & Blood components during ECMO
  • Acute Kidney Injury & Dialysis on ECMO
  • Managing Anticoagulation during ECMO
  • Weaning from VA-ECMO, weaning failure & further option
13. Echocardiography on ECMO
14. Transport on ECMO and E-CPR
15. Interesting Videos/ Case Based Discussion
Duration(in months)
12 months
Created and Accredited by
The Simulation Society
Credit Hours
MIXED (Online and Offline)
Most popular among:
Nursing Staff,Perfusionists,Intensivists


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