Critical Care & ICU

Your suggested initial diagnosis?

Male pt. presented in emergency room with medical condition as shown. Medical checkup is still pending. What is your suggested initial diagnosis?


Suggested Case Studies

  • Lesion for over a month in young female. Comments?
    This lesion is present for more than 1 month in 4 years old female patient. Your comment please?
  • Vaginal Bleeding in Early Pregnancy
    41 year old woman in early pregnancy presented with vaginal bleeding of 2 weeks duration. Her earlier USG showed gestational sac of 18x12x22mm and a yolk sac visualized of 4X5X5mm. No fetus was visualized. She was given an appointment for a repeat ultrasound. Four days ago her bleeding became very heavy and she passed large clots which she described as ‘like liver’. She developed severe abdominal pain which lasted for about 4h, and since then the bleeding has become very light and she is now pain free. No H/O nausea/vomiting, urinary/bowel symptoms.

    Past H - Gravida 4, para 2, two previous normal vaginal deliveries followed by a miscarriage. She has a regular 28-day menstrual cycle and her last period started 9 weeks ago.

    Vitals – Normal
    P/A - abdomen is soft, mildly tender suprapubically
    P/S - cervix is closed with a small amount of old blood in the vagina. Slight uterine tenderness on bimanual palpation and the uterus feels normal size, anteverted and mobile, with no adnexal tenderness or cervical excitation.

    Suggest findings of USG & management?
  • Findings in Urography
    65 year old male presented with dysuria and hematuria. What is the finding on this i.e. urography?
  • Can you spot bony restrictions or soft tissue tightness?
    Pt. presented 6months post treatment of IC (intracapsular) fracture and fixtation by K-wire. There is no flexion and extension. Can you spot soft tissue tightness or Is there is bony restrictions? Is there is getting difficulty by K-wire in mobilization?
  • Swelling in right lower limb. Can you identify the reason?
    20 yrs old divorced female presented with c/o swelling of right lower limb below knee for last 3 weeks associated with pain. B.P. - 90/60 Pitting type edema present on right lower limb. Tlc 8.0 hb 7.0gm uric acid 4.8 tsh 5.8 H/o amenorrhoea for last 1 yrs What can be the cause and tt and is there any link between anemia and thigh swelling?

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